Querce Santa Maria

Our B & B

Querce Santa Maria (Saint Mary’s Oaks) is a beautiful property immersed in Poggio Bustone and its ancient traditions in which the country live in harmony with nature and its course.
The foundations date back to 1600 and the walls, nude and live, shine with the original rocks of the period in which they were placed one over the other.
Part of the structure is built with the stones of the deconsecrated church, which dates back to the year one thousand, all but disappeared, the remains of which are visible close to the bed and breakfast.
Le Querce of Santa Maria are a natural monument of 8 oak trees, bound together in a complex with a particular shape, this beautiful oak forest in the reign of Poggio Bustone, is a few hundred meters from our Bed and Breakfast.

The family Lafiandra

The family Lafiandra is a simple Italian family, with a love of nature, the countryside and its animals. Ready to welcome those who want to come and spend some days relaxing in the green and in the magic of Santa Maria Oaks, will show you the simple pleasure of living, according to the time of the countryside and his gifts, seasonal. You’ll be in a world that repeats every day the magic to offer its fruits of the earth,so rich and nutrient experience, in a countryside that will be refreshing and natural for you and those who will accompany you.